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I try to find for my wife natural solution for her libido as she has no desire.
I try to follow advice like this: http://www.improve-my-libido.com/increase-female-libido.html

Am I on right track? Also and all the products you recommend very natural only?

I don't want medication.

Thanks for your help. Juan

Sacred Yoni Flower

Your on the right track! And yes, everything in the article is natural. Also Maca is a good herb to balance female hormones. I acknowledge you Juan for coming out and looking for solutions for you and your wife.

You both should read the book "Emergence of a Sensual Woman" and she should practice with a Jade Egg. Not only does it help with sexual libido, but it's good for menstrual cycles, awareness, vagina health etc. Read more about it here : http://www.thedesiletsmethod.com/index.php?p=Store


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